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This was a VE E3 GTS that we have fitted a M2300 supercharger kit, a full 1 7/8"onto twin 3"exhaust, then full H&R coil over suspension including front and rear adjustable sway bars, that makes this car an all round great car to drive and with the detail in the gloss black wheels it also has a look of it's own. Now we have been through some power level increases, first of we installed a cam package that took this thing to 600rwhp, this was a great improvement but ultimately the owner (Mick) wanted more, so out came the engine and we have stroked the engine up to a 416 ci, race machined and balanced the engine with all the normal performance improvements that MWS do when we get inside an engine, we then reinstalled and upgraded the drives on the supercharger both front and rear , fitted one of our high dual pump fuel systems and then retuned this beast to a moderate level without pushing to hard on a new engine combo. This netted a 650rwhp tally with an even more impressive increase in lower end power (torque)