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This is a 2006 VE GTS, we have been at this car for a while, we have supercharged, fitted a full twin 3"exhaust, full suspension, fuel system, you know all the normal suspects. Now the owner (Dave) was absolutely happy with how the car was performing and un sure about going any further, but felt that a little more couldn't hurt if done right, and to have the bonus of an engine built to suit the supercharger, both in design and in strength would be a good idea. When it took a little time for him to settle on that thought, but he did some then we go to work. Out with the engine and to work we went, Callie 4"crank and rods with some Forged Mahle pistons and all the other bits including race machining, ARP studs, mellings oil pump, you know all the bits. The cam was of extra importance in this case, Dave did not want change the manners of the car at all, but did want as much as we could get without stressing components, you know "cake and eat it" . So we wanted to see 620ish but with super std manners, should be awesome to drive if we get it just right, so with some years of doing this under my belt and some chats with some cam grinders I came up with what should do the trick.

So after a couple of weeks of machining, cleaning and building, we bolted the thing back in place with a new custom extreme duty clutch, gilmer drive on the rear and an 8 rib drive on the front and then started  tuning, it was coming up with goods right of the bat, gains all over place and an idle like a stock one. We ended up with the power I was looking for but the car to drive is even better than I had hoped, the engine noise is very low, unlike some forged LS engines, the low down power and throttle response is brilliant and the power curve is about perfect for the overall balance of the car, a real stunner to drive and one happy Dave.