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This is a project that we have done a bit with before, now we needed to make some more power (yeah! needed to) we have turbo'd an earlier one of these with a kit, but this is the 2010 Roadster and on these the place that the turbo went is where the ABS is located. So we had to start from scratch, and with a bit of thought it has turned into something pretty special. We started with making an manifold, then a intake plenum, then it was about getting all the normal bits together, injector upgrade, 2 bar conversion to the tuning system, then oil plumbing, air plumbing, etc. As you can see it came together looking the part and as for the power, well it is sensational to ride, boost starts build quiet early and to be honest you really don't get use the top power much at all, the torque is so strong that the bike is very quick to ride and if you keep the revs down and don't lean to hard on the throttle it is also very easy to ride.

This bike came together very well, it is great to travel on, getting 15% better fuel economy on a cruise than it use to and as you can imagine passing is at another level.