Marks Workshop can provide complete tuning services for most makes and models of cars, with the use of systems such as EFI live, SCT Flash tuner, Kalmaker, Giac Flash to name a few MWS are able to reprogram your standard computer to get the best out of what you combination can provide.

Marks Workshop are also able to provide complete replacement computers and the necessary harness to carry out improvements beyond what some cars std systems are able to perform. For these services we use all types of aftermarket and some factory computers, the likes of Delco, Wolf, Haltech, Delphi, Motech, Autronic, Perfect Power, Power Commander,  Fast, TCI, PCS are just to name a few.

All tuning is done using a combination of the latest twin retarder, Digital Dyno Dynamics rolling road dynamometer and the country roads to get the best overall tune we can provide.

Marks Workshop are also Dealers for GIAC, EFI LIVE, KALMAKER, SCT, WOLF and HP TUNERS